Expert Business Development Services:

Market Analysis, Market Entry,
and Business Development Activities in JAPAN

JAPAN has one of the biggest and

constantly growing

medical and pharmaceutical industry in the world.


Yet due to its distance, language barrier and a

unique way of running business,

the market is actually very far,

more than you could imagine.


This is where we come in and play.

We will be your perfect gateway

through finding opportunity to its closing of orders.

Consultant will focus strictly on building up market awareness and bringing new sales opportunities through developing high potential customers for your company. 

And then identify and prioritize specific potential Japanese customers that matches your target sector.

Advise you on the JAPANESE business course of action to build relationship and new businesses.


We participate in industry trade events together or on behalf of your company to build up industry awareness and bring in new sales.


We can either start new or happy to refurbish your old sales contacts and activities through our established customer channels In JAPAN.

We are confident in supplying a top class quality sales material in Japanese language.


We carefully select words and translate them into a sales, technical and pharmaceutical appropriate terms.


We also support on building a website from scratch as well.


This A class sales material gives confidence to Japanese clients enabling your sales activity to run more smoothly and effectively.


Make direct contact, present your most compelling UVP requirements, start projects, engage you with companies, and we will be responsible till close of new orders.


Our highly skillful consultants can handle any kind of technical discussions in Japanese, adding huge advantage In closing orders quickly, securing customer satisfaction and assurance.