Reduce time to market

How high quality rapid injection tool manufacturing
can increase speed to market for devices and components

In the constantly changing regulatory environment,
quicker development results in quicker entry into the market.

This speed secures competitive advantages and growth opportunities.

That is what we offer.


DFM within 24hrs

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) turnaround 24hrs

We make your designers' life easier

Immediate design feedback to improve the manufacturability

of the parts together when the quote is delivered.

This drastically accelerates the process, results in more efficient and

easier to manufacture products.
At the same time it removes potential visual or

performance defects before the first parts are delivered to you.

6wk       3wk


3 weeks turnaround

without compromising its quality

Developing parts and devices for the medical industry is very challenging.

Both speed (time to market) and accuracy are critical to success.


Evaluating new product designs and materials;

iterating those designs fast when needed.


Without compromising its quality, we build steel tools

with the speed of aluminium tools.


With high quality and its consistency, we provide prototypes and

low-volume production, all you need for attaining the development success.


+/- 0.01mm

Looks, works and

qualifies like no other

The prototype we manufacture look like the final product,

so is highly likable for tradeshow exposures.


The prototype we manufacture work and function like the final product,

so your engineer can have all kinds of testing.


The prototype we manufacture are made within a very high

tolerance levels, assured to qualify for the use of any clinical tests

and can even be used for the initial lot of final product.

ISO: 13485

​ISO: 9001

We work with certified partners

All made in JAPAN

We work only with those qualified suppliers in JAPAN

who is well experienced in the field of medical device

manufacturing. Able to use medical grade materials and

can also manage very complex manufacturing systems

such as LSR and overmolding.

iStock-world time zones.jpg

In more than  10 countries

with more than  50 companies

for over  200 projects

Yes, We are Global

We have many experience working in the field of

medical and pharmaceutical industries in the past,

support customers through successful product launch.

Experience in drug delivery system and IVD system manufacturing
such as inhaler, injection pen, nasal pump, ophthalmic systems
and assay device and micro fluidic channels.


Just ask us anything.


We always welcome challenging design
and extremely tight timelines.