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We are zenius

zenius is an end-to-end medical device development partner,
supporting global companies and ambitious start-ups to success.

We build breakthrough development services - from design to DFM,

prototypes to pilot and serial production - bringing your innovation to life

in the most robust and efficient way possible.

Our teams are multi-disciplinary, combining vast manufacturing knowledge and

engineering excellence.
Together we dedicate ourselves for the future of medical and healthcare industry.




We are Trusted 
by our clients and partners

zenius proudly offers services to those world’s leading pharma, device manufacturer and design consultancies.

We have the expertise and experience to accelerate the development by delivering high-quality, production

representative components and assemblies suitable for functional testing, clinical trials through ramp up  manufacturing.


Company Mission


In the constantly changing regulatory environment, quicker development results in quicker entry into the market.

This speed secures competitive advantages and growth opportunity.

That is the value and mission delivering to our clients.

The value we provide is in quickly designing, engineering and manufacturing with the high quality tolerances,

finishes and functionality, all that is required for the development of advanced devices.


Other activities 

We have participated in reddot award 2020 to help support people during this difficult times,
and our Japan oriented design have won "best of the best" prize in design concept category!
See the link below for any details.

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