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Contact zenius for a quote ranging from high quality functional prototype, 
injection molding, pilot tooling, cleanroom molding and other contract manufacturing inquiries.

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RFQ Guidelines

Customers count on us for highly complexed, high-quality products delivered rapidly.


In order for us to deliver our best performance, it is very important for us to understand as much details as possible.
Below are some helpful guidelines when submitting your Request for Quote.


You can also reach out to us by phone or email anytime. 
Please refer to CONTACT page for any details.

1. Confidentiality Agreement

         Along with the RFQ, Please always send us your CDA prior to sending us the data.

2. Data format

         Please send us 3D CAD model or 2D drawing. We can even quote on actual plastic parts if that is what you only have. 

         *Availability of 2D drawing will aid us justify required tolerance levels.

3. Raw Material

         Please share us which type of material, (i.g. PC, PP, ABS) and its material grade you would like to use.

         This information does not need to be finalized at estimation phase but helps us provide more precise quotation.

4. Surface finish

         Please advise how you would like to have your part finished cosmetically.

         Is it high gloss finish? Matte finish? Please indicate required surface finish levels in SPI if possible.

5. Quantity

         How many moulded parts do you need? The unit price will vary depending on quantity of each batch.

6. Total tool shot warranty

         How many shots do you need out of the mould?

         We will provide most suitable mould structure and select correct steel material depending on your requirement.

7. Inspection

         We will provide meteorology report with our standard inspection equipment. FAI, IPC, CPK, please advise your 

         inspection protocol, so we can accommodate accordingly. We can also provide quote for CT scan inspection if required.

8. Cleanroom

         Please let us know if you would like to have prototype/pilot mould moulded in cleanrooms.

         We are ready to provide Class 100,000(ISO 8) to Class 10,000(ISO 7) cleanroom moulding.

9. Validation

         We can also provide IQ/OQ/PQ runs and associated report depending on your requirementto best suit the needs of

         pre-pilot or any contract manufacturing inquiries.

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