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Reduce Time To Market

How high-quality rapid injection tool manufacturing

can increase speed to market for devices and components.

In the constantly changing regulatory environment,
quicker development results in quicker entry into the market.

This speed secures competitive advantages and growth opportunities.


​That is what we offer.


How we achieve 3-4weeks for
Complex parts with such high quality ?

3-4 weeks turnaround without compromising its quality.


Developing components and devices for the medical industry is very challenging.
Both speed (time to market) and accuracy are critical to success.
Evaluating new product designs and materials; iterating those designs fast when needed to.


Without compromising its quality, we build steel tools with the speed of aluminum tools.
Our state-of-the-art equipment and well thought cassette-based tooling enables to do so,
bringing highly complex geometries to life while meeting tight tolerance demands.


With high quality and its consistency, we provide prototypes and
low-volume production, all you need for attaining the development success.


zenius utilizes various Core & Cavity materials following the life expectancy standards for use of molds.

Changeable Core & Cavity molds are assembled to a standard mold-base whenever needed. This process facilitates

quick tooling, manufacturing and delivery service processes.

Prototype injection molds are built to withstand low to bridge volumes of plastic molding cycles.

They are made with AL (under 1,000 shots), P20 steel (1,000~5,000 shots), Nak80 steel (5,000~20,000 shots),

Stavax (over 20,000 shots).


+/- 0.01mm tolerance


Looks like, works like is very common. 
On top of that our components can also qualifies like no other.

The prototype we manufacture is identical to those final product,
so is highly likable for tradeshow exposures or user studies.

The prototype we manufacture work and function like the final product,

so your engineers can have all kinds of testing required throughout the development phase,

including functional, automation line assessment and clinical study.

The prototype we manufacture are made within a very high tolerance levels, 
assured to qualify for the use of any tests and can even be used for the initial ramp up 
final product.


There will be no meaning to quick delivery of prototypes if they do not meet your quality expectations and

functional requirements.

zenius does not compromise on its quality. Our clients are certain that their FOT parts (First Out of Tool) can already

meet and even overcome their high expectation standards. Our molding partners follow strict quality practices in accordance with international standards, and our team maintains complete documentation for traceability.


Our Tools and Validation

zenius utilizes various Core & Cavity materials following the life expectancy standards. 
Our injection molds are all made with STEEL, which are built to withstand low to bridge volumes of plastic molding cycles. They are made with variety of P20 steel (~5,000 shots), Nak50-80 steel (10,000~50,000 shots) and Stavax (over 50,000 shots).


Having said that, we are able to help support your long-term tooling development strategy,
and therefore, we offer full set of validations including IQ, OQ and PQ upon your request.


zenius inspects 100% of its products for measurement to ensure the highest level of quality control.

We use the latest optical measurement instruments to evaluate products against customer designs and document on

FAI (First Article Inspection) report. We can also offer scanning inspection together with our local inspection partners

who are able to offer latest scanning inspection using Carl Zeiss instruments. 


Precision and 2k components

zenius has grown with our customers in capability over the past decade, 
improving and adding specialties by strategic partnership with Japanese mold industry.

Our rapid CNC milling and EDM capabilities enable us to manufacture the finest, most accurately designed prototypes, 

reflecting fully the intention of the designer to perform desired tests. 


We work with a wide range of engineering and super engineering medical certified grade plastics such as ABS, PC, PP,

POM, NA, PMMA, HDPE, LDPE, PS, COC, COP and Glass filled materials…etc.


We also offer our one and only manual two shot molding capability, 
which can perfectly represent the quality of mass production components.

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