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Highly Complex, High precision

Rapid prototype manufacturing


zenius offers rapid prototype tool manufacturing service like no other.

We are the expert of manufacturing highly complexed medical device full assemblies,
which other suppliers might hesitate to put their hands on.


We help clients reduce time for unnecessary optimization or refinement loops,
by providing the best quality in the first trial shots.


Design for



zenius supports product and mold design for manufacturing as part of our core development process.


Immediate design feedback to improve the manufacturability
of the parts together when the quote is delivered.

This drastically accelerates the process, results in more

efficient and easier to manufacture products.

At the same time, it removes potential visual or performance
defects before the first parts are delivered to you.

We make your designers' life easier.


Let’s use the time

difference wisely

zenius is located in TOKYO, JAPAN.

So, whether you are located in EU or North America,
end of your day will be our morning. It means that you can through us your 3D data for us to check or quote,
our feedback will be ready for you by your next morning earliest. 


Wouldn’t it be a wise way of using your time?

And on top of that, we communicate with our clients through web meeting on daily basis.

quality x complexity.jpg

Where We Stand

The diagram below well explains our USP (Unique selling proposition).

Unlike all other rapid tools, our tools are well suited for components with highly complexed geometries

which requires highly controlled tolerances, and even with 2k components.

We have positioned ourselves in this unique yet challenging field and been the success driver of our clients.

That is why our clients come to us for the manufacture of their most innovative devices.


Class 7,8 Cleanroom

We work with certified and qualified molding partners who are all based in JAPAN.

They are all well experienced in the field of medical device manufacturing;
able to handle medical grade materials and components how its instructed to,
and can comply to all below standards.

ISO 7 Cleanroom Class: 10,000
ISO 8 Cleanroom Class: 100,000
ISO 13485
ISO 9001


Your Gateway for Japanese

Pharma and Medtech industry

zenius continues to expand its contract manufacturing services, 
including ODM and OEM through our local strategic alliance partners.

Together with our own device design and development expertise,
we have confidence in offering throughout medical device development capability to support our clients 
going in and out of Japan for bigger and promising success.


Aiming to become your No.1 gate way for Japanese pharma and medtech industry,
we continue to enhance our capabilities going forward.

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